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What's Going On at the Depot?

The charming train station in the center of the Hamlet of Callicoon was built in the late 1890's by the Erie Railroad after the original train station was destroyed by fire. Over a century later, this beautifully preserved structure is being transformed into the Callicoon Depot and the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway Visitor Center.  Restoration will begin in 2022.

This exciting new community space will serve as the main visitor center for the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway which encompasses the NY State Route 97 corridor from Port Jervis to Hancock and receives over 280,000 visitors annually.  

Other project phases, to be guided by a process of community outreach, will continue the building’s adaptive reuse to host a variety of community functions, such as exhibits, meetings, performances, workshops, classes, small-business support, and private events.  Proposed plans for the exterior include landscaping and grading to create an attractive “town commons” area with outdoor seating, native plantings, and improvements to the stage that has been used during seasonal festivals.

Among the amenities considered for the Depot is a gallery, gift shop, ADA accessible restrooms, and high-speed internet. Parking needs will be addressed both on-site and by means of a comprehensive, hamlet-wide parking study that has been undertaken in cooperation with the Town of Delaware.

Many entities have generously contributed to this effort and the list is growing. The Central New York Railroad Corporation is leasing the property to the Callicoon Business Association for a nominal fee of a dollar a month. The restoration work is being made possible by a long standing New York State grant to the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway for the visitor center's development along with grants from the USDA, Sullivan Renaissance, Sullivan County and contributions from private individuals. 


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Callicoon Depot

40 Lower Main Street Callicoon NY 12723

Phone: 845 428 9212


Thanks! See you in Callicoon soon.

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